How to Pamper Yourself with a Spa Day at Home?

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Looking for ways to rejuvenate and refresh without leaving the comfort of your own home? You can! During the last pandemic, I was looking for ways to create my personal #selflove day at home. You do not necessarily need to go to a traditional spa.

From yoga-matt to hair mask and body oil, here are the items that I am using for my spa days at home:

Yoga Matt

Yoga Clothes

Scented Candles

Body Soap Block

Face Mask

Face Cream

Body Oil


Comfortable Loungewear

Essential Oils and Diffuser

Relaxing Music

Eye Serum


Water Bottle with Cucumber or Lemon

Healthy Snacks: My favourite snacks are slices of cucumber, carrot and paprika with hummus and homemade bread.

1. Block some me-time in your busy schedule. Girl! You deserve it!

Me time is important. It helps us to reduce stress, restore energy, gives us space for self-discovery, reboots our brain and helps us to unwind.

2. Make sure your hubby/ kids are busy and won’t disturb you.

3. Mute your phone. Your phone can wait for a while.

4. Spread out your yoga matt and put your favourite essential oil in the diffuser.

5. Choose some relaxing spa music. (I usually pick this playlist on Spotify.)

6. Drink a glass of refreshing cucumber or lemon infused water.

7. Get on your yoga matt and kick-off your home-spa day with a short 10 min meditation, followed by a nice 10 min yoga sequence. During my yoga-session, I like to focus on stretching to get rid of all the aces and kinks in my body.

8. After you scooped up all the positive energy that surrounds you, slowly head to the bathroom and light up a candle.

9. Hop under the shower. Once you are all wet, apply the hair mask first. Let it work its magic while you use your favourite body scrub or a scented body soap bar. I like to use my body soap in a foaming net that also serves as an exfoliating scrub.

10. After your shower, apply your favourite body oil. I fell in love with this jasmine and lemon scented body oil. Apply a small amount gently onto your body. Gently massage your skin and allow the oil to sink. Pour some warm water into a bucket and add some foot soak. Put your feet into the bucket and let the foot soak do its magic. When you feel its enough, you can take them out and maybe use a corn and callus file to remove some of the hard skin that has softened up. When you are done with that, apply some Vaseline. While the crème sinks into your skin, you can take care of another part of your beautiful body.

Don’t forget to drink some water every now and then.

11. Your face! First, apply a face mask. After removing it, apply your face cream. Give your tired eyes some extra attention if needed and apply some eye-serum. You can massage both into your skin by using a jade roller. Gently follow the contures of your skin.

12. Hop on the couch and treat yourself to a mani/pedi suing your favourite colours.

13. Now: Press play! It's time for some chickflick movie or in fact any other movie that you have been wanting to see for the longest time but did not have time for. While watching I like to eat some healthy snacks that usually consist of some some fruits as well as slices of cucumber, paprika and carrots with homemade hummus and freshly baked garlic-rosemary bread.

Here are some of the products that I use:

Tea Bird Tea is by far my go-to tea brand at the moment. Locally produced, the blends are delicious and flavourful. Aside from that, look at the flashy and colourful reusable container. Isn't it pretty? I feel like I am at a 5-Star Hotel every time I make myself a tea.

Face Mask: Smells nice - feels nice! This locally made cacao mask/ scrub helps to hydrate the skin, improves skin complexion, protects the skin from UV and slows down aging.

Get yours here at Shop Unplug.

Body Oil: I looooooove this body oil! Its gentle scent of Jasmin and Lemon is just perfect. It helps me feel relaxed and calms my mind when I am stressed. FYI, you can also use it for massages.

Get yours here at Shop Unplug.

Scented Soy Candle: Soy wax is the most recently used ingredient in the production of scented candles in the market. Soy wax is safer for humans and also more environment friendly. The subtle smell of damask rose is the perfect scent for my #spaday.

Get yours here at Shop Unplug.

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