How to Craft your Perfect Morning Routine

It is 7:00 am and your alarm rings but instead of getting up you hit the snooze button once, twice, three times until it is almost 7:45 am and you have exactly 15 min to get dressed and rush out the door because you gotta be at work by 8:30 am.

Sounds familiar? How does this make you feel?

A: Stressed

B: Annoyed

C: Irritated

D: All of the Above

That unhealthy morning rush used to be my morning routine and I usually felt super stressed before I even reached the office. I just did not think that the part between me getting out of bed and stumbling into the first meeting at the office can be important in any way.

Only much later, I realised how much these bad habits affected the rest of my day and learned how a good morning routine can set the tone for a good, productive and happy day.

On that note I would like to share a little bit about my new relaxing morning routine. Hopefully it gives you some ideas on how to bring a sense of relaxation and positive energy into a morning routine that will help you feel better and kick ass during the day.

Here are my Dos



Alarm clock

Waking up to an unpleasant noise makes me feel annoyed. One of these annoying sounds is - no surprise - my alarm. That beep, beep, beep drives me nuts in the morning. So in order to avoid me waking up with that urge to stamp furiously through our apartment and irritate the hell out of my partner in the process, I changed my alarm to a song called "Walking in the Woods". The song simply consists of sounds the were collected in the forest. Now I wake up to wind rustling through the leaves, birds singing and small animals scurrying through the undergrowth - How nice!

A little me time, makes all the difference.

I used to be a notorious long sleeper. Now I try to wake up 2h before I need to leave the house in order to have enough me-time before I leave the house.


Drink a Glass of Water


The first thing I do after getting up is drink a glass of water. It rehydrates me and helps preventing headaches and fatigue during the day.

Tip: Add some frozen berries.


Hungry Furrballs & Thirsty Plants


When I get into the kitchen for my glass of water, I can usually see how our cats are already sitting in front of their bowls impatiently awaiting their breakfast. After feeding them, I go around the house to water our plants.


Morning Yoga & Meditation


I started doing yoga last year and found that a little bit of yoga helps me balance my body and focus my mind. It also helps me too slowly but surely increase my flexibility and strength.

In short, I feel more energised.

To help making it a routine, I follow the advice of my yoga teacher and leave my yoga mat rolled out near the window. My candle with my newfound favourite scent Damask Rose from Shop Unplug is sitting right next to the mat. That way I skip the step of having to roll out the mat and prepare my workout space in the morning which strips away one less of an excuse to skip this workout all together.

If I have to leave the house very early, I usually only do a quick 10-min yoga sequence. Youtube offers plenty of videos. Just have a quick look for which yoga teacher you like and go for it.

When I have a little more time, I do an 1h of Yoga with Weights. Adding hand weights to my daily yoga practice not only strengthens my muscles but also helps me to become leaner too!

Once done, I finish off my yoga sequence with a quick 5 min meditation during which I try to set my intentions for the day.


Shower and Hydrate

Candle & Face Cream

After my yoga session, I quickly hop under the shower. Then I apply face cream to hydrate my face and get dressed. As I have already passed my early twenties during which I did not waste a thought on Anti-Aging, I have picked out florame for myself. They carry an anti-aging regenerating face cream and eye contour cream that is made with organic ingredients.

You can get those at Shop Unplug as well.


Breakfast Smoothie

A pineapple and papaya are lying on a table ready to be used in a smoothie.

I am not big on breakfast unless its a long brunch with friends during the weekend. Now, before I leave the house I try to make myself a delicious smoothie that gives me the energy to get through the first half of the day.

My Breakfast Smoothie Recipe is very simple:



1 Spoon of Chia Seeds

1 Spoon of Microgreen Powder

1/2 Cup Yoghurt

Some Water

Alternatively, I grab a few energy balls or eat some overnight oats.

On to the Don'ts


Avoid Checking the Phone First Thing in the Morning


I have stopped checking my phone first thing in the morning. Reading all the messages and emails immediately consumes all my attention and my thoughts are being pulled in a million directions.


Stop Hitting That Damn Snooze Button


Snooze Buttons are a dangerous invention. They made me fall back into my sleep cycle but only for a short moment. Getting woken up from that beginning of my sleep cycle was the worst. Also, I realised that after the second or third snooze button, my brain started to associate that sound with a few extra minutes of sleep instead of giving my body the signal to slowly wake up.

Try to wake up within a few seconds after the alarm so that your body does not go back to sleep.


Don't look at your Phone as the Last Thing Before you Sleep


The last thing before I go to bed used to be my phone. That affected my night sleep, which then affected how I felt when I woke up the next morning.

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