Flavours of the World: Sri Lanka - Bird Chili Fish Bake

Sri Lankan food is super flavourful and delicious. Personally I have a lot of respect for their cuisine because there are so many different spices involved.

Last week I took all my courage together and tried to make Bird Chili Fish Bake. It turned out to be surprisingly easy to make and the dish tasted amazing. It was spicy with a touch of island - exactly how we like our food.

We made it after coming across this video. We thought, why not give it a try. So should you...

Total: 1h 20 min - Preparation Time: 30 min + - Cooking Time: 40 min +


1 Fish (Red Snapper)

Rice (Ideally cooked a day before)

2 Tomatoes


1 Cucumber

2 Eggs




Coconut Oil

Tamarind Paste

2 Banana Leaves

Red & Green Bird Chili (Be generous)

Purple Bird Chili (Optional)

Tamarind Paste


2 Garlic Bulps


Bird Chili Leaves (Optional)

Side note: With the exception of the tamarind paste, we were able to avoid plastic packaging for all other ingredients.

First up ... prepare the fish

Step 1 - Marinade: Wash the fish and put it aside to prepare the marinade consisting of the different types of chili, fresh ginger, salt, pepper and a splash of coconut oil. The chili and ginger should be chopped very finely.

I cheated and used the blender for this. Once this part of the marinade is ready, you have to add the tamarind paste. Make sure that before you add the paste to the mix, you pour some warm water over it so that the paste dissolves a little. This makes it easier for you to remove the cores.

Add little by little to the marinade until you get the mix that you like. While doing that also preheat the oven for the fish.

Step 2 - The Fish: Cut some lines into both sides of the fish before stuffing the fish with the marinade. Then coat the fish with what is left before wrapping it into a banana leaf. Then put the fish in the oven for about 20 - 25 min at 230 °C.

Next up ... the garlic rice

Step 3 - Put the Garlic in the Garlic Rice: As preparation for the garlic rice cut the upper layer of the garlic bulps of and add some lime, garlic and salt. Then cover the bulp with butter. Be generous. Once you are done, you can put the garlic into the oven with the fish. Leave them there until the cloves are soft and can be easily pressed out of the bulp.

Step 4: Mash the cloves into a paste and chop some of the bird chili leaves. Then heat up the pan and pour some coconut oil and add some butter. When both is hot beat two eggs into the pan. Then add the rice, the leaves and the garlic paste into the pan and mix it.

Hmmm ... can you smell it?

Lastly... the salad

Step 5: Cut the cucumber and tomato into thin slices and serve them together with the other components of the dish.

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