Flavours of the World: Homemade Pain au Chocolat

Let's go to France. Shall we!?! Looking for something easy to make for your next Sunday brunch with your hubby or the girls? Try making fresh Pain au Chocolat. Done in under 30 min, it will surely be loved by everyone.

Total: 30 min - Preparation Time: 15 min. Baking Time: 15


(8 Pain au Chocolats)

2 - 3 Sheets of Puff Pastry (Frozen)

1 large Egg

Choclate Chips

100 g Butter

Step 1: Brush the puff pastry with melted butter and cut the puff pastry sheets into 2 - 3 inches wide stripes.

Step 2: Add the chocolate chips and roll up the pastry.

Step 3: Place them on the baking tray. Brush them over with some beaten egg before sprinkling some sugar on top.

Step 4: Bake the pain au Chocolat in the oven at about 190 °C for about 15 min until they are golden brown.

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