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Who we are

Navvin Kumar & Julia Christiaens

We are Navvin and Julia, a 33-year old investment banker from Malaysia and a 30-year old traveling wildcard from Germany. We met when I (Julia) decided to satisfy my cravings for Asia and spicy food with a trip to Malaysia back in 2014. Yeah, what can I say, I am a huge fan of Bollywood, Mulan, JJ Lin and Jay Chou (just to name a few). Unfortunately, I had to go back to Europe to study after 4 months. 

In 2016, after I finished my studies in France and Germany, I decided to move my life halfway around the world and work in Kuala Lumpur.

About the founders of the travel blog Truely

Navvin and I became a couple shortly after I moved here. A mismatch made in heaven, we began traveling together soon after. While Navvin introduced me to some of the most delicious foods and must-see places in Malaysia, I pushed him to go beyond. We soon realized that we made a pretty good team. 


We travel as often as we can. From a last-minute 48h weekend trip to Cambodia to a well-thought-through romantic train ride across Myanmar's stunning countryside, we have managed to visit many amazing places over the past few years and we are planning to create many more memories together. 

Currently exploring ...


We travelled to ...



On each other nerves since


We visited  ...



... and counting

Sri Lanka
Ipoh Okt 2020
Scuba Diver and Corals

What we are currently obsessed with ...

- Truely Malayisa -

2020 has been a strange year so far. Nothing worked out as planned - literally NOTHING. What to do? We tried to make the most out of it and live by the motto when one door closes, another one opens. We looked for that door and found it. 


Instead of travelling, I (Julia) took this year to learn my fourth language, which is Bahasa Melayu. That is how I met Ainur. She quickly turned out to be more than just my teacher. Full of energy, knowledge about Malaysia and plenty of ideas, she joined us in our vision to promote Malaysian handmade products.  


The shop is designed to give Malaysian arts and craftsmen and women a platform to showcase their talent, besprinkle a touch of the exotic on your life and make you explore another part of the world - even without getting on a plan and travelling. 

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