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There are so many amazing places to visit, people to meet, experiences to make and dishes to try. Living by the motto ’If not now, then when?’ we are traveling whenever we can. Be it a short weekend trip to the Malaysian rainforest, an exciting, sometimes nerve-wracking road trip across Nepal, or an unforgettable vacation in South Africa, we have learned to make the most out of every trip. On this blog, we want to share with you our 'truely' memorable experiences and give you some tips to help you prepare for your own unique travel stories. 

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We are Navvin and Julia, a 33-year old investment banker from Malaysia and a 29-year old traveling wildcard from Germany. We met when I (Julia) decided to satisfy my cravings for Asia and spicy food with a trip to Malaysia back in 2014. Yeah, what can I say, I am a huge fan of Bollywood, Mulan, JJ Lin and Jay Chou (just to name a few).

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